About Me

My name is Sadia A Tahir. I am the Founder of Brilliant Future College Consulting. We are based in Irvine, California. The strategic direction of “Brilliant Future College Consulting” helps students get into best-fit colleges by recognizing their passion, skills, and interests. We guide students to tremendous success in high school and the future! I am committed to helping students find their voices and navigate the college admission process with honesty and integrity! My goal for each student is to help them recognize their strengths, passion, skills, and interests and to enable them to determine the field of study they want to pursue in college. 

I am an MBA in Financial Management with a Certificate in Financial Planning. I got interested in the college admission process when my eldest daughter started high school. It also made me realize that it’s better to start as early as middle school to plan for higher education. Even in the best school districts, the counselor-student ratio is too high to get any individualized attention. 

I assisted my daughter and students from my community and neighborhood with course selection, extracurricular activities, and summer classes during high school. Additionally, I’ve helped high school students complete college applications, essay writing, and filing for FAFSA. When I started working with my second daughter, I noticed her unique qualities. In the process of assisting her throughout high school and college admissions, I realized my passion and my drive to guide students to get into their right-fit colleges.

In 2019, I registered and earned my certificate in College admissions counseling (with distinction) from UCLA Extension. I provide students with customized guidance tailored based on their dreams and strengths. My goal is to empower families with information and data to reduce their stress. Students and parents can turn to me with questions and issues. I help students succeed by setting manageable goals that they can reach while staying on track.