FAFSA never crossed my mind. I had never heard of it before until recently I was hit by the reality that my daughter is going to college and I needed to get myself familiar with it. It was quite stressful trying to navigate the website and look for answers. Luckily, I met Sadia who is extremely knowledgeable about college apps and FAFSA. Via FaceTime, Sadia showed me step by step how to get started. She patiently went over the application with me, line by line, and explained in detail any questions I didn’t understand. After consulting with her, I felt much more confident and prepared to tackle this challenge. Thanks to Sadya, I applied early so all of my information was saved. When the application window for 2021-2022 opened up, I just renewed it and it took me less than 15 minutes to complete the application. I strongly recommend Sadya to any parents who have their first child going to college and need help with college applications, FAFSA, or anything relating to college admissions. She has a wealth of information and will provide necessary guidance to make you and your child’s college experience less stressful.

Sadia is compassionate, knowledgeable and really fantastic at her job. She truly cares about learning about the strengths of her students and then helping them to find the best match. My son is in eighth grade and we needed help in finding the right school for him. With her support and advice, we managed to secure admission into Troy IB |cambridge program and other prestigious high schools in our area. She helped us explore different options and encouraged us to choose a high what would really help my son grow to his full potential. We are looking forward to working with her throughout the high school years and we are confident with the guidance we will be able to get into our dream college.

Thank you, Sadia

You rock

– S Shah , HS Junior Mom

We are happy and thankful for your guidance, advice, and recommendations and provided us with resources / websites. Thank you again for your kindness

– Diane, HS Junior Natalie’s mom