“Brilliant Future, College Consulting” is an educational consulting firm that provides several services to guide students to tremendous high school and college success. I have a holistic approach to prepare students to accomplish their goals by achieving success in academia and extracurricular activities. The objective is to help students recognize their strengths, passion, skills, and interests and enable them to determine the field of study they want to pursue in college. My goal is to project students as highly qualified and prepare them for future challenges. I focus primarily on the “Right Fit College,” based on strength, passion, and a place where students thrive.

I am committed to inspiring students by developing a unique strategy and vivid direction. I am determined to help students find their voices and navigate through the college admission process. I believe in talking to students with honesty and integrity while making sure to remain compassionate. 

I provide comprehensive consulting packages for students from 8th to 12th Grade.

Junior High School (8th Grader)

High School Freshman (9th Grader)

High School Sophomore (10th Grade)

High School Junior (11th Grade)

High School Senior (12th Grade)