Brilliant Future College Consulting offers various services that guide students in attaining high school success. With holistic approach , I empower my students to succeed in academic and extracurricular activities. At BFCC, students complete self-assessment and questionnaires. My evaluation and guidance enable students to identify their strengths, passions, and skills. It also gives a sense of direction and identifies their field of study to pursue in college. As a consultant, I strive to prepare students for future challenges. I focus primarily on identifying the “Right Fit College,” based on strength, passion, and a place where students thrive.

PREMIUM SERVICES-Students can enroll in this plan from their Freshman/Sophomore to senior years. The evaluation of academic, extracurricular, and community activities, standardized test scores, and insight questionnaires.

JUNIOR/SENIOR PACKAGE PLAN-It includes one-on-one consulting with students in their Junior-Senior years.

SENIOR PACKAGE PLAN-There is a limited number of Senior year students accepted into this plan.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES University of California PIQ, Personal Statement, and Supplemental Questions