HS Junior/Senior, 11th& 12th Grade

HS Junior/Senior 11th & 12th Grade

In the pyramid of high school years, junior year ranks highest in importance due to its pivotal nature. Students will make critical decisions that will impact the four years of their college lives, and I will assist them with narrowing down their college lists and majors. 

The following services will go from Junior to Senior Year.


  • Conduct evaluation of student’s Academics, Standardized test scores, Summer and Extracurricular activities, and Questionnaires prepared by Brilliant Future College Consulting.
  • Assist in Course Selection for Senior Year.
  • Guide in exploring and applying to summer activities and/or college courses.
  • Guide students to set up personalized College Admission Strategy and Timeline based on Admission Goals.
  • Review and critique the College Applications.
  • Guide students in setting up timelines and prep for college standardized testing (SAT/ACT & AP Tests). Strategize in prepping and taking Standardized Testing.
  • Guide students through Essay Writing workshop, including Personal statements, Supplemental Essays, and UC Personal Insight Questions.
  • Assist students in College Essay Brainstorming, Essay Development, and Remote Editing.
  • Develop a strategy for Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Decision.
  • Investigate different colleges and universities to create a college list best matched with students, personally and academically.
  • Coach students on building a robust college resume based on academia and extracurricular activities.
  • Provide Interview training and strategy through mock sessions and extensive feedback. Assist in creating Supplemental Material.
  • Guide students on college visits, including advice on what to look for at each school
  • Advice on which teachers and other individuals to ask for letters of recommendation;
  • Evaluate college acceptance letters and financial aid packages to help the family make an informed decision.