HS Freshman & Sophomore, 9th & 10th Grade

HS Freshman & Sophomore,

As students are progressing in their high school career it is never too late to develop helpful study skills that can further contribute to their learning.  Students will get more involved in academics and extracurricular activities with more responsibilities.

This package is for the students who decide to have a head start in college planning. It is a year-long commitment that includes two strategic meetings with the counselor.


  • Develop a student profile.
  • Review student’s Academic, Extracurricular activities, Summer activities/classes, and Questionnaires prepared by BFCC.
  • Assist in student’s academic, extracurricular activities, and study skills.
  • Create a standardized testing plan, including which test(s) to take, when to take them, and how to prepare.
  • Guide to explore various Fields of Interest. 
  • Guide in Summer program planning
  • Assist students in Course Selection for Sophomore/Junior Year.