Supplementary Services

Supplentary Services

8th Grade, Junior high school: An early beginning means that students have the best possible opportunities. We work with students from 8th grade to develop strong academic skills. Students that receive straightforward, insightful guidance on approaching high school report more effective and enriching high school experiences. As a result, they become better students and create compelling, genuine narratives for their applications.


Develop a student profile: review student’s Academic, Extracurricular activities and Questionnaires prepared by BFCC.

Assist in student’s academic, extracurricular activities, and study skills—guide in Summer program planning.

Assist students in Course Selection for Freshman Year.

College Essay Workshop: The single most crucial element of college admissions is a strong essay. Since most selective college applicants have similar academic achievements, Essays, Resumes, and Letters of recommendation determine college admissions. 

Personal Statement Workshop: A strong personal statement allows admissions officers to learn more about students and gain insight into who they are. Most students find it difficult to write personal statements because they are unsure about what to include. The workshop aims to develop essay topics through different activities and exercises, then draft an essay for their Personal Statement. Students will create an outline and begin writing it.

Supplemental Essay Workshop: A supplementary essay is written in addition to the personal statement required by most universities. Students must submit the essay along with the Common or Coalition Application. In this workshop, students will learn how to respond to essay questions. Students would be able to develop ideas and create an outline for the prompts. 

UC Essay workshop: This workshop is for rising seniors interested in applying to the University of California. It will help students understand and find the skills to plan to respond to essay prompts. After completing different activities, students should be able to make essay suggestions based on relevant prompts and will be able to write an outline of the thesis.

College Search: The most critical thing to consider when selecting a college is whether or not the college offers the program of study you choose. It would be best if you also chose a school where you can be competitive and have fun. Cost, distance from home, duration, extracurricular activities, and living arrangements are all things to think about. We assist our students in selecting the best-fit college for them.