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  • Strategies to be Successful!
    High School success relies on individual motivation, perseverance, and primarily self-discipline. An upliftment and self-sufficiency in learning will motivate students to achieve and exalts the challenge. For students, organizational skill is crucial, but time management goes far beyond personal organizations. It’s a skill that even professionals continue to develop throughout their careers. The students who …
  • College Admissions 2021
    College admissions have been crazier and unpredictable than before. This was predictable by many.
  • College Board is removing SAT optional Essay and Subject Tests!
    College Board recently announced to discontinue the optional essay portion of the SAT. Additionally, Subject Tests in US history, languages, and maths would no longer be given, including other topics. In addition to several different tests, including Advanced Placement exams, the organization which administers standardized tests will now concentrate on a new digital SAT edition. …