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Establishing each student's niche and unlocking their immense potential to ensure future success, regardless of their school ranking!

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By implementing a successful college admissions strategy, I ensure my 8th to 12th-grade students establish their niche among their peers and get admission to their desired universities! The comprehensive evaluation process identifies students' future careers and college plans. Each student receives tailored college guidance based on their traits.

"Students who stick with something they find interesting for a long time are more likely to succeed, regardless of how good/bad they are at it initially. In becoming proficient, they cultivate a passion for the activity and progress to higher levels."- Anonymous

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"Because of Sadia and her expertise, I will be attending my dream university. Sadia kept me on track with my applications and assisted me with drafting my college essays. She is incredibly compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable. Sadia knew how to bring out the best in me and showcase my accomplishments authentically in my applications. She never failed to ensure I was comfortable throughout the whole process. Sadia is someone I am honored to call both my counselor and my friend. I highly recommend her to any and every student applying to college." Ann,D-UCLA-Scholarship
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