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College Counseling Certificate Program to gain a more in-depth professional understanding of the college admissions process.

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My journey in college counseling, spanning seven years, is driven by a deeply personal experience: guiding my own daughter through the application process. Witnessing her navigate this transformative period ignited a passion for higher education and inspired me to become an associate member of IECA and WACAC.

But my philosophy transcends mere admissions strategies. Instead, I embark on a collaborative journey with each 8th to 12th grader, delving beyond grades and scores to unveil their unique voice, aspirations, and intrinsic abilities. This exploration, informed by my UC Los Angeles College Counseling Certificate Program, empowers students to discover future career paths and college plans aligned with their authentic selves.

Through a personalized approach, I tailor my guidance to each student’s strengths, fostering their development of a compelling niche. This ensures their applications stand out, attracting institutions that resonate with their values and nurture their individual talents.

My success lies not just in securing admissions, but in igniting their passion for learning and helping them find a college that becomes a launchpad for a fulfilling future. I believe this journey of self-discovery is far more valuable than any acceptance letter.

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