Junior/Senior Package Plan

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Junior/Senior Package Plan:

Embarking on the journey towards higher education can be both exciting and daunting for students. Our Junior/Senior Package offers comprehensive one-on-one consulting services, whether in person, through email communication, or online meetings.

The services include.

Why Choose Us

Preliminary College List Creation

Tailoring a college list from a student's perspective considering major, academics, social aspects, and more.

College Planning Guidance

Advising on college planning, attending fairs, and interacting with admissions officers.

Financial Aid Support

Assisting families in completing the FAFSA and explaining financial aid basics.

Career and Major Exploration

Helping students explore career interests and choose majors at universities.

Final University Selection

Formulating a conclusive list based on applicant questionnaires.

Application Assistance

Providing support for Common Application, Coalition Application, and California Applications.

Essay Workshop

In-depth guidance on Common Application, Supplemental essays, and UC essays.

Essay Editing Services

Editing and modifying Common Application essays and UC essays as per student requests.

Comprehensive Application Support

Guidance in creating resumes, letters of recommendation, interviews, and supplemental materials.

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In the 30 minute video consultation, we will:

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